For a second year history module, a group of twelve students were given access to our University’s Students’ Union archives.

For many of us it was the first time we had been in an archive of any kind and we all found the sources we studied to be extremely interesting. Many of us stated how refreshing it was to use original primary sources for our research rather than the many overused primary sources we are given throughout the course of our degree.

A group of four of us have been enlisted to spread the word of our fantastic Students’ Union on the internet so everyone can read about the history of Swansea University through the students’ eyes.

The sources we studied came in many forms, from Students’ Union Minutes books, to the endless student newspapers from 1920-present day. We were able to sketch a view of what university life has been like through the ages.

For each decade, we have selected five interesting historical events/facts about the Students’ Union and placed them in separate blogs which you can see on our blog page. We also chose a few illustrative images to go alongside and support each story; hopefully by doing this you can gauge the differing attitudes in Swansea University throughout the decade.

With a final thanks to our module lecturer Dr Louise Miskell, without her this module would not have been possible.


3 responses to “About

  1. Heather

    love this website! Who knew that even in the 1920s the gingers had to stick together? Looking forward to read more about student life in Swansea 🙂

  2. This website is absolutely fantastic. As a recent history graduate, I’m incredibly jealous that everyone studying the SU get to look at and analyse such a fantastic body of primary sources. It’s surely every history geek’s dream to get to sit in the archives and study history you can really see!

    The SU is such a transitory institution – students usually leave after 3 years and officers can only serve a maximum of 2 terms (somehow I’ve managed to stay for 6 years in total!). Therefore it’s fantastic that we now have a set of dedicated students changing a set of urban legends into a real history of our movement.

  3. This is literally the dream! It tracks the most important social and political changes in our union from day 1 and is crucial in framing the work we do today.

    The passion of everyone involved has really exceeded my expectations and it’s been amazing to see new students engaging with our history.

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