This website blog is part of a project for a history module at Swansea University whereby a group of 4 students have had a chance to research into topics no students have done before about our student union. We have taken five interesting historical facts/events from each decade from the 1920s until 2000, accompanied by a few intriguing images portraying how student life was back then…
If you would like to discover more, (we can’t see why you wouldn’t), click on the tabs above for information on each decade.
For many of us it was our first trip to an archive of any kind, we were all intrigued by these documents which for some of them, date back to the twelfth century. We were able to visit the archives in one lecture for our module, and were amazed by the heat controlled, fire safe, water alarmed, security coded room which holds the documents. If you would like to do your own research then click on the link for the Richard Burton Archives.
Happy reading!
Emma, Vic, Kate and Sion



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2 responses to “WELCOME!

  1. Tayo Sanwo

    Reading this website makes one realize that there’s more to Swansea than what meets the eye. If there’s one thing that we can gather from this is that its people who make history happen, allowing Swansea to be a unique masterpiece for all students.

  2. Tom

    I completely agree, it makes Swansea a place people would be proud of visiting and going to, and hopefully it will encourage more people to discover the delights of the city!

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